KZNTR KZN Trail Running


KZN Trail Running is a race organization that hosts upwards of 30 events per year. I led them through a full digital marketing revamp over 2 months and continue to manage aspects of their digital media.

Project Focus Areas
Organic Search Growth
Digital Content Revamp

I started by refreshing KZNTR’s online identity across their website and Facebook Page. I created event cover templates and social media content guidelines for each race. This was eventually then handed over to their content coordinators to utilize on an ongoing basis. 

When turning focus onto the website revamp, I used structured schema markup for event pages and focused on landing page optimization through attractive UI and an easy to navigate mobile UX.

Over the past year we have refined our UI and navigation UX and constantly curated new content to drive traffic through to our blog and race entry pages. The organic search growth has been a notable success and you can view a comparison report of it here. Upon my recommendation, AMP as well as a progression toward developing into a PWA is the next step in the digital marketing evolution of KZNTR.

Greene Realty Property Management


In mid 2017 Greene Realty approached me and asked that I revamp their online presence. 

Project Focus Areas
Digital Strategy
Marketing Automation
Content Gen

We started by developing a new website featuring a system for users to browse new rental and sales listings. The system I implemented was designed to actively capture leads browsing the website. These leads were then synced with an email automation system I set up for them (Mailchimp).

I strategized and managed launch campaign for their new website. This consisted of;

  1. Generating useful content for customers and potential home buyers. In the form of blogposts, new property listings and legal information.
  2. Planning, segmenting and launching an 8 week email campaign to drive traffic to their website. Campaigns received CTR’s of between 4% and 8%. Industry standard for Real Estate is under 2%.
  3. Since that first launch campaign, I have transitioned Greene Realty onto my preferred Marketing Automation software, setup various lists & over 80 tags to segment their leads.

FGFF Floral Greens Farmers Of Florida


This farming cooperative formed in Pierson Florida, following industry devastation from hurricane Matthew. Although initially reluctant to go online, I was approached to consult as a digital marketing and web design manager by their board.

Project Focus Areas
Social Media Content
Engaging Customers Digitally
Website Developemt
  1. Working with an outsourced graphic designer to formulate a brand identity.
  2. Developing a website and strategic vision for content.
  3. Educating board members on the importance of digital marketing and what certain metrics mean & can be used for.
  4. Creating a content calendar & executing a weekly video series of ‘Farmer Spotlights showcasing members of the coop.
  5. Identifying their key demographic through Facebook & Instagram insights.
  6. Shoestring budget paid campaigns via social media to generate brand awareness and drive web traffic. (See this report for this video).

A growing issue for the coop was that the wholesale customers they interacted with at trade shows did not know where the foliage they bought at their local wholesaler was coming from or where they could obtain certain products. At a board meeting in early 2019 I suggested a move toward verifying which wholesalers stock FGFF foliage and after approval, began developing what is becoming a go to tool for the FGFF and their customers further down the supply chain. See the fern directory here.